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AOL Music
This is the America Online site for music. Here users can find information about artists, see music videos, listen to songs, get news about the music world, Internet radio, free downloads, and more. Users do not have to be AOL members.
AOL Search
This is the search site for America Online. Search results are sorted and ranked by Google and may contain objectionable material not endorsed by AOL.
ODP - Open Directory Project
The ODP is the largest human-edited directory of the Web. It powers the core directory services for some of the largest portals on the web, such as AOL search, Google, Netscape Search, and others.
Launched in 2006, is a comprehensive real estate search engine. powers the Home and Real Estate section for AOL and the House and Home Channel for MSN. Welcome Wagon is also featured on Move.
Netscape Communications Corporation is a computer company best known for its web browser Netscape. At one time Netscape was the number 1 browser but has since lost its dominance to Internet Explorer.

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